French Bulldog

Foster Location: Massachusetts 

Age: 7 years (DOB: 9/8/11) 
Sex: Male
Weight: 29.5lbs
Kids: No
Cats: Ok
Dogs: Yes

Adoption Fee: $500
Fenced Yard: Preferred, but not required

***Bite History***

Our resident Frenchie Emporer, Titus, is ready to find his forever castle!

When Titus came to FBSCR, we were lucky to find a home that was willing to take him in and help him work on his manners. When he started this journey, Titus was dealing with severely itchy toes, an allergy to grain and chicken, a previous untreated eye ulcer, some broken and infected teeth and suffered from separation anxiety and resource guarding.

Titus is house trained and will let you know when he needs to go outside by barking at the door. He is great on a leash and knows the commands, sit, stay, come, down (when you want him to get down), go inside, eat, time for bed and platz (the German word for “faint”, when you want him to lay down). He is crate trained, however, his crate is a significant trigger for him. He’s generally good natured and just wants to be loved. He’s what one might describe as a “velcro dog,” he simply can’t get close enough or spend enough time with his humans. He is extremely patient with the resident Frenchie, who can occasionally play too rough. He loves to play wrestle with him and army crawl after him when he wants to play more. He also adores going in the car, but he does get so excited that he whines the entire trip and often pees. So, he may love it, you not so much. His bad teeth have been pulled, but he does have some slight vision impairment in both eyes, from previous ulcers. His most favorite activities in life are sleeping, preferably under a blanket with his subjects, and eating. This boy is extremely food motivated.

Due to Titus’ bite history, his forever human(s) will need to be an experienced Frenchie owner, who will continue to reinforce positivity when correcting his aggression and resource issues. Because of these issues, he will not be placed in a home with children, but would love to have a submissive dog sibling.  He does require daily meds (Prozac and Apoquel), twice daily eye drops in each eye (which he does not enjoy) and must maintain a grain and chicken/poultry free diet, due to his allergies. He may be a dog that would benefit from Raw Feeding. His Foster Family did try him on Cytopoint, but it was not a good match, so he must remain on Apoquel to help with his toes. He has had a previous nare surgery, but his breathing is still somewhat affected and he does have that Frenchie snore. Because Titus is so good on a leash, we aren’t requiring a fenced yard, but he does love to lay outside in the sun, so it would be a bonus. He is also a very vocal guy, so an apartment setting may not be the best residence for him.

His foster mom says: “Titus is a dream dog who just has a few naughty quirks…he is an excellent listener, is potty trained, does very well on a leash, gets along well with his foster brother and ignores the resident kitty cat.  He loves sunbathing on the deck, does a great dance when being fed, is a toasty little snuggler and loves to get up close to your nose to sniff you with his walrus face (the squishy portion of his muzzle with whiskers), as we affectionately call it. We feel he has come so far in the months that he’s spent with us and have had no “incidents” in several months. All we want is for him to find a home that will love him, unconditionally, and continue to work with him in a positive manner, reinforcing his trust in people and letting him know it’s ok to have fun and be a dog. He’ll be a wonderful companion.”

Titus' applications are currently under review. We are no longer accepting new applications for him at this time.