French Bulldog

Foster Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Age: 1.5 years (4-4-2015)
Sex: Male
Weight: 24lbs
Kids: NO
Cats: Not sure
Dogs: Maybe 

Adoption fee: 
Fenced Yard: Preferred


Handsome boy Seamus (pronounced SHAY-mus) was surrendered to FBSCR due to a case of extreme anxiety, fear aggression, and some resource guarding, as well.  Because his naughty behaviors stem from his general anxiety he acts aggressive when he becomes anxious, agitated, or scared, especially if he’s in unfamiliar places.  With his parents’ work and travel schedules, they came to the realization that they just couldn’t meet his many needs, and they lovingly surrendered him to FBSCR.

Seamus’ anxieties have found several inappropriate outlets: while he loved going to doggy daycare and play with the other dogs all day long, he bit several of the workers on different occasions when they tried to stop him from eating poop, so he was banished from attending.  He was also very overprotective of his former mom, and he especially did not approve of his mom’s fiance, or anyone that came too near her.  He also does not like people messing with the poop he would like to have for a little snack now and again, or for that matter anything else he has in his possession that he is not ready to be rid of.

Luckily, FBSCR had an experienced foster home available where he now lives.  While there, he will be worked with and have further evaluations on his behaviors and triggers.  He sees a professional trainer on a regular basis, to try and work on his unacceptable behaviors and aggression issues.  The bright side is he is great with other dogs, and is already building a friendship with his foster home’s resident dogs.  He does seem to be making slight progress in some areas as he gets to know his new surroundings, the new household rules, and new routines, but his issues are severe, so we will take one day at a time and hope for the best for him. 

Please consider sponsoring Seamus, who will need ongoing work with a professional training in order to continue his rehabilitation.  To donate to his care, please click the link below!