French Bulldog

Location: Naperville, IL

Age: 6 years (DOB:9-28-11)
Sex: Male
Weight: 24lbs
Kids: Yes
Cats: Maybe
Dogs: Yes, at least one dog companion required.

Fenced Yard: No

“Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart and you’ll never walk alone.  You’ll never walk alone.”    ~from the musical ‘Carousel’
FBSCR’s very own Velcro® dog, Jacques is ready to find a forever home where he will never have to walk alone again.   Sometimes when a dog comes to us, we can work on their behavior, changing it to help the pup be better suited to live with a ‘typical’ family.  But other times the best way forward is to learn what kind of family the pup needs to have in order to live out his very best life.  Jacques is one of those pups, and we will be happy to oblige him by looking for the very best forever home we can find for him.  He is a gentle, submissive, loving soul, who does indeed have fairly severe separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can be a challenging condition to manage, but as Jacques’ foster family learned, is that it is possible with some advance planning and loving patience to limit Jacques’ alone time and by doing so lessen the horrible panic that can overcome him.
So here’s what Jacques’ foster family and FBSCR will be looking for to give him the best possible chance for his happily ever after:  Jacques will require a home with at least one other dog, and either a stay at home human or someone who has a job where everyday is Take Your Dog To Work Day.  His forever people will need to understand that he is going to need reassurance and gentle treatment—corrections and harsh voices only shut this gentle soul down—and never to be punished for what he might do in the midst of one of his anxiety attacks. Yes, when Jacques is left alone he will poop and pee in the house and sometimes vomit.  His foster home has partly solved this problem by diapering him when the humans have left the house and, of course, during the slow intro period when he couldn’t be with other dogs,  BUT he has gotten to the point where he won’t poop or pee in his diaper when left at home as long as he can hang out with the resident dogs.  Because everyone has to leave home once in a while, this is why we are requiring that Jacques have a canine friend or two who are be willing to be his boon companions and let him snuggle and be reassured that his people are going to return.   In his ideal home, Jacques will not be crated against his will—he spent the first year of his life in a crate and still finds it a very uncomfortable place.  That said, he HAS started voluntarily going into a crate and taking one of his naps, but NOT with the door closed.  Someday, with time, kindness, and patience this could change, but he should not ever be forced into being crated unless in the case of an absolute emergency.
Jacques also has some significant weakness in his back legs, and his ideal foster home will not have stairs, or will have someone committed to carry him up and down any stairs they may have, as well as lift  him up and off of any sofas or chairs or beds that he might be privileged to share with his person. This condition is currently stable, but it may get worse as he gets older.  He is currently housetrained (although any dog can revert for a while when changing homes.)  This may also change as he ages, depending on if the condition of his rear wobble worsens.  Jacques does not REQUIRE a fenced yard, as he's not apt to wander very far from his people, but of course he should always be leashed when outside if there is not a fenced yard.  He enjoys short walks (we bet he’d LOVE a stroller or wagon!) and will yodel when he is excited.  He’s a very laid-back dude, and while he likes to play for a while with his dog buddies, he isn’t really into rough housing either with dogs or people.  Jacques also wouldn’t mind having a child or two of his very own, children old enough to know that they must always be gentle with the newest pup addition to their family.  Jacques has very clearly won the hearts of his foster family and they are very determined to find him a home that will treat him with the patience, gentleness, and dignity he deserves. 

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