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French Bulldog

Location: Arizona
Age: 1 year (7-22-2017)
Sex: Male
Weight: 21lbs
Kids: TBD
Cats: TBD
Dogs: TBD 
Fenced Yard: TBD

Hello! I was surrendered because I bit the small humans in my home. There was food involved, specifically waffles, so my foster mom calls me Eggo. I didn’t mean to hurt the kids but I just get so excited when I see food; I want it and I don’t want anyone else to have it! My foster mom is helping me understand that I will get food, so I must stay calm and share with my foster brothers. I also had ear infections in the past and I am very itchy!! I am not allowed to eat kibble anymore and now I get homemade food to see if that helps with my itchies. I sleep well in my crate at night but not before I try to sneak out of it when the door is closing, and I also like to add a protest bark before I sleep. I really like water. I chomp at the hose and I am very interested in the pool so foster mom won’t let me be around it without her there. She says I need a home without kids and no access to a pool without a fence or supervision. I love toys, especially antlers and anything that squeaks! I didn’t want to share my toys at first but now I like to bring them to where my foster brothers are and try to get them to play with me. I had a couple accidents in the house but I have figured out if I go to the door then someone will let me go outside and I am also learning how to use the dog doors. I am just one year and three months old, so I love to play, play, play! Foster mom calls me sassy because I like to talk to her, especially when she tells me “no.” She says we are working on my bossiness, whatever that means. I love going on walks but I like to lead the way. I also love riding in the car!! I got to travel all the way from California to Arizona and I met lots of nice people and I gave them all kisses. I am a good boy traveling in my crate or my car seat. I am still figuring out what manners are but I hope to learn them so my future family can come and take me to my forever home!