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French Bulldog

Foster Location: Arizona
Age:  1.5yrs (DOB: 7-22-2017 )
Sex: Male
Weight: 19 pounds
Kids: 15 years and older, no exceptions!
Cats: No
Dogs: submissive dog, no food aggression
Adoption fee: $600
Fenced Yard: Yes

***Eggo has a bite history.  Please read his bio carefully before filling out an application!****
Eggo was surrendered to FBSCR because he squabbled with the human children in his home over waffles.  (We know the feeling!)  He came away with a bite  history from that situation, and will need an experienced adoptive home with children over the age of 15 who have proven themselves to be dog savvy.

Eggo is a happy boy who loves toys, playing, car rides/traveling, going to stores, meeting new people, and walks!  For him, a tired dog is a happy dog would likely be his best course of action for success in his adoptive home.  He LOVES attention and is an active boy so a home who can provide a lot of stimulation, exercise and playtime will be ideal for him.  Eggo loves to snuggle when he's sleepy, and he sleeps through the night very well but does sometimes need to go out to potty during the night. Eggo also enjoys playing with other dogs but would need an extremely submissive dog who does not challenge him as a fur sibling. Otherwise he would be fine as an only dog, as well.  He will share his toys but does tend to resource guard "brand new" toys. He should not be left unattended with bully sticks, Himalayan chews, or anything for teething as he can choke easily and he becomes very territorial over those things when other dogs are around. 
Eggo is food aggressive, with both people and dogs, and if a dog tries to eat his food he will bicker with them and if they are not submissive, it could escalate.   He has learned to wait for his name to be called before receiving his food or a snack.  If he is focused on food or watching someone eat and someone touches him he will growl.  He has not bitten in his foster home but will growl and bicker with the dominant dog.  One must always be careful when food is involved.   Eggo should be fed at least six feet from another dog or in a crate, with Eggo receiving his food first.   He will try to steal food from the other dogs so feeding times need to be monitored. When giving dogs treats, we say the name and point to the dog who will receive the treat first, this helps Eggo understand he needs to wait his turn and he will get something and this works well for feeding times and treats. He listens very well.   However, he will try to sneak out of the front door and if someone tries to stop him he will growl.   He needs a strong leader who can dedicate one on one training with him. He is eager to learn and please and is still young.   He needs walks or exercise daily!   Eggo's new family should be fully versed in the strong-willed stubborness Frenchies have, as well as a flexible schedule and active lifestyle.  He will need a strong and firm leader and a routine to keep him in line.  He is extremely sensitive, like most Frenchies, and needs a family who does not believe in harsh punishment.  This will only further his aggression issues, especially since he already cowers when hands go to his face.   He has learned that we won't hurt him and he now accepts and asks for kisses and hugs!  He needs patience with strangers for the first several times of meeting them. If you bend forward, he will headbutt you out of excitement and he nibbles your ear to tell you he is happy to see you!
Eggo also has several other issues that his forever family needs to be aware of:  he should have stenotic nare surgery due to having tight nares making it more difficult for him to breathe.  He also has severe food allergies and will require a homemade food. He is currently on The Farmer's Dog Turkey, homemade food delivered weekly. He is allergic to potatoes and sweet potatoes and dairy. Eggo also cannot eat raw or freeze dried raw food or kibble.

Eggo is housebroken when his people are home and he does use a dog door with no problem but he will potty in the house when left alone or during the night. It is best to crate him and continue potty training.   Frenchies are stubborn and take a long time to potty train and Eggo has a very strong will.  If no dog door is available, he does go to the door and will scratch at it with one paw to let you know he wants to go out.  Of course, all dogs can revert to poor house habits in new surroundings, so his new home may want to start from scratch.
Eggo needs an experienced home with no children under 15 and all family members need to be aware of how to be a leader to a dominant dog.  He loves playing with other dogs but should only live with one submissive dog.  He will need to be crated for further training but he does eat dog poop so he should be taken out frequently or during times when his family is home. For this reason, someone who can be home or work only part-time is ideal.  Continuing to eat dog poop can cause health issues so being left in a crate too long is not good for him.  He loves to cuddle and snuggle and is so sweet and gentle so he needs a home where he can have access to his humans and not be stuck in a crate for long.   He would love a submissive dog to play and cuddle with.  He does wonderfully with our submissive dog but our dominant dog tends to create too much friction with Eggo.   He may also wind up being able to be a go-to-work dog, but his home will have to work slowly and carefully through that process.

Here’s what his foster home has to say about Eggo:   “Eggo has some behavioral issues that time and patience will resolve. Otherwise he is funny and sweet and loving!  Once his behavioral issues are addressed more fully, we believe he would be the perfect dog; an absolute dream!! “

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