1) If you have made the decision that a French Bulldog is the right dog for you and your family and you are interested in  adopting from French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue, the first step is to review each dog’s bio on the Available Dogs page.   Please read through each dog’s full bio to help you determine if that particular dog’s temperament and/or physical needs will be the right match for your family and lifestyle.

Also, please be aware that some of our foster French Bulldogs have special needs – temperament or health issues, or both. Please consider all of the dog’s needs, and that you are prepared and able to handle these needs, before you apply for any of our dogs, but especially for one of our special needs French Bulldogs.  Please email for any questions that you might have regarding any of our dogs and we will forward your questions to the appropriate person.

2) Complete the online adoption application. Please make sure that you provide as much information as possible about yourself, your family and your household in your adoption application.  The more information that an application contains, the easier it is for us to determine if the French Bulldog you have applied for is a good match for your home/lifestyle/family.

We only accept applications for dogs that are currently available for adoption and on the Available Dogs page. We do not accept applications for French Bulldogs that are on the Foster Dogs page.

3) Upon submission, your adoption application will be received by the French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue Foster Coordinator.  Adoptable dogs are available for 1-2 weeks after they first become available.  This should allow any interested parties enough time to submit their application.  We do not adopt on a “first come, first serve” basis.  Our goal is to find the best match we can for each French Bulldog and each family.  When it is time to review applications, the Foster Coordinator sends all adoption applications for that dog to the foster family.  The foster family reviews each application and conducts phone interviews to help determine which applicant may be the best match.  If you are chosen as a potential adopter, your veterinary reference will be checked, and your personal references will be called.  If all goes well up to that point, a home visit will be scheduled  and conducted by either the foster home, a French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue volunteer, or a FBSCR representative closest to you.

4) Once the home visit is completed, the home visit report will be reviewed by the Foster Coordinator, foster family and the French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue Board of Directors, and a final adoption decision will be made.



All of French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue dogs are spayed or neutered  (unless a prevailing medical condition indicates that spaying or neutering is not in the best interest of the dog), current on vaccinations, and micro-chipped prior to placement. We try to ensure that all French Bulldogs placed are in good health, or alternately that all KNOWN health conditions and temperament issues are identified to the potential adopter prior to placement.

Before you adopt a dog from the French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue, you will be asked to complete and sign an adoption agreement and a liability waiver.  The liability waiver is a requirement for ALL dogs adopted through FBSCR.  Please read the agreement carefully and make sure you understand and agree with the all of the terms before signing.

Adoption fees are listed on each individual dog’s available bio once they reach the available page. The French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue Adoption Fee Schedule is as follows:

8wk – 2 yr old – $700
2-4 yr old – $600
5-7 yr old – $500
8 yr old + and special needs – $350.00

It is the sole responsibility of our adopters to make transportation arrangements to pick up the adopted dog in person.  FBSCR will not pay for transportation for any adopted dog nor will we include transportation fees in the adoption fee.

We make every effort to complete the adoption process as quickly as possible, but it can take 2 to 6 weeks after the dog has been posted, so please be patient!

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at