Liberty has found her forever home in West Allis, Wi in February, 2016!

“Liberty, Miss Liberty
We welcome you here to our shores
Liberty, Miss Liberty
The key to the city is yours!”

These joyful lyrics are from a little-known musical, “Miss Liberty,” written by the legendary Irving Berlin. And it’s the song in the hearts of our own Miss Liberty’s adoptive family as they welcome her into their arms forever!  We are delighted that “Libby” has found her home with a family that will care for and love her, and are also ready and able to deal with the challenges her spinal issues present. Congratulations are in order to our little lady Liberty and her new family!


Bernie has found his forever home in Ann Arbor, MI in February, 2016!

Bernie came to us as a bit of a troubled soul. He did NOT like to meet new people (strangers) or new dogs and had quite a long bite history with both humans and other animals in his past.  While in foster care, his foster family worked very diligently and carefully with him and, while he will never be perfect, he had settled in so well and made so much progress while in their care, that they decided that they did not want him to leave!  They ended up being the perfect family for Bernie, despite his many behavioral issues, and wanted to give him a safe, loving home to live out the rest of his days.  

Congratulations Bernie! You truly hit the jackpot! 


Marmalade has found her forever home in Silver Springs, FL in Aug, 2016!

Well, our lucky Marmalade has found her forever home in sunny Florida.   Her new mom will take her on sedate walks, and love her in the quiet, undemonstrative way that our little lady prefers.  She will get her eye daily eye drops and her special diet, and her mom is that Frenchie-savvy person we'd hoped for, who knows how to deal with 'Frenchie-tude'.   We couldn't be more happy for Marmalade as she enjoys her golden years in the security and comfort she deserves! Congrats to all!


Melvin has found his forever home in Chicago, IL in September, 2016! 

The Cubs winning the World Series is not the only exciting thing that happened in Chicago this year.  Our lad Melvin has found his forever home in Chicago, not more than twenty minutes away from historic Wrigley Field!  He will be enjoying his life as an only dog with his new Dad.  These two bachelors are sure to create quite a stir in their lovely neighborhood, especially at the nearby dog park.   Should Dad not be able to get home, the apartment building has a dog walker who can get Melvin out to stretch his legs and enjoy checking up on the pup news.  If Melvin should happen to slip back into his slightly naughty ways or need a place to stay if Dad goes on a business trip, well, there’s solution for that, too, since a friend of his is a dog trainer who also runs a kennel.  Looks like all of Melvin’s bases are covered! Congratulations on your home run, Melvin!