Roxy has found her forever home in Nipomo, CA in May, 2015!

Roxy AKA Roxy the Bean Sprout has been adopted by a wonderful family where she will get to be an only doggie and be the center of attention, just how she likes it! She will get to be a princess in her new home with extended family nearby to dote on her too! She will have other dogs visit from time to time to continue helping her socialize with other dogs and with meeting new people.  Her new mom is over the moon about her and could not be happier to adopt such a cute little ornery girl!  

Congratulations to Roxy and her new family!! 


Rocco has found his forever home in New York, NY in August, 2015!

Our little buddy Rocco has made his choice about where he wants to live, and that happens to be right in his foster home.   He has been doing so very well there.  We don’t normally lean toward or encourage foster home adoptions.   In some cases though – especially in the case of a dog with behavioral issues like Rocco—we know that it is ultimately what’s best for the dog.    Rocco’s current home is one that meets the requirements that we knew from his history would be best his for long-term success, he is thriving, and his foster family– now his forever family– love him and are committed to continuing the work they have started to keep him a well-behaved boy.  Congratulations, Rocco!


Scout has found his forever home in Hanover, PA in August, 2015!

Scout's new family has 15 year experience with bulldogs. They also have frenchie with a history of back issues, so they are very familiar with the cost, care and routine of owning a dog with IVDD and other related issues.  And he will have a fur brother to keep him company!  He will have several acres of land at his new home for outside romps and play, so will be able to run and play to his hearts content!  Another plus is that he will be able to accompany his new mom with her to work almost every day.  Yay Scout! We could not be happier for you! Congrats!!


Kona has found her forever home in Des Moines, IA in August, 2015!

Kona has been adopted by an experienced frenchie owner who has a very calm, easy going household. They have the veterinary services very nearby if she should ever have issues with her little back and/or should they want to explore acupuncture, or any other options for her.  Most importantly, there will be no children or other rambunctious dogs around to rudely wake her up from her treasured and coveted naps!  Just what this senior girl prefers! She has a fenced yard to explore (she loves her outside time!) and one other Frenchie fur brother to keep her company. She will be very well taken care of for the rest of her years and we know she will be very spoiled! Congratulations to Kona and her new family!!