Rose found her forever home in Cambridge, ON, Canada in January, 2014!

Rose was adopted to her new home and person!  Frances, her daughter, and Stella, the 2 yr old resident frenchie, welcomed Rose to her new home.  Rose quickly found her place of choice in front of the fireplace. There will be adjustments, as for Rose this is yet another new home, but Frances is committed to helping Rose know that this is her forever home, and she is loved and always will be.
Before too long, Rose will be an only dog once Frances’ daughter moves out and starts her new life with her new partner and Stella.  Stella also has allergies, so Rose is in a home that is educated about food and environmental allergies. Rose will be the only dog and constant companion for Frances as she is able to go to work with her.  Frances has been watching Rose’s bio since she came into care, and she came to meet her at the Global Pet Food Xmas benefit, snuggled with her there and that was it, Rose had a follower.  Rose and Stella have played, but there will be adjustments as this now is Stella’s house and Rose is unsure again.  Love and time to build trust and commitment will help each feel that their place in heart and home is safe and secure.  A little time and love goes a long long way.
We are so excited to see another French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue foster doggie find their forever home. It really does make all of our hard work worthwhile!


Maggie has found her forever home in Brooklyn, NY in January, 2014!

Maggie is doing wonderfully in her new home!!

Here is a a short note from her new family to French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue:

   Wanted to shoot you a note to give you an update on Maggie’s status. She’s doing SOO well with us –        we honestly could not be happier. She was pretty shy for about the first hour in the car, but then            completely warmed up to us – she actually sat on my lap for the remainder of the trip. Once we got        home, however, she went right into the crate and wouldn’t come out for about an hour. Again, she          eventually made her way out and has since been absolutely wonderful. She still has moments when        she seems a little tense, but after a couple weeks I think she’ll be a changed woman! I’m thrilled to      say that we have a very happy puppy. Thank you for all of your help in placing her with us. We are          simply over the moon with Maggie.

We are so happy for you Maggie. Take good care of each other. Enjoy!


Leah has found her forever home in Detroit, MI in March, 2014!

She has been adopted by an experienced doggie owner who has a very calm, easy going household.  Most importantly, there will be no children around to rudely wake her up from her glorious naps!  Just what this senior girl needed!  She will have a fenced yard to run and play in and a few fur siblings as well. She will be very well taken care of for the rest of her years and we know she will be very spoiled! Congratulations!


Nelson has found his forever home in Washington, D.C. in April, 2014! 
Nelson’s new family is the perfect fit for him! They had taken the time to consider if adding another French Bulldog to their family was the right choice, and they just couldn’t say no to Nelson!! His new family has previously adopted from FBLCR (we LOVE repeat adopters!) and they have the experience and time to give to Nelson to continue working with him and continue his rehabilitation.  We couldn’t be happier for our boy! Congrats to all!


Lucy has found her forever home in New York in April, 2014!

Lucy’s new family is a retired couple with no children in their lives or other pets, just lots of time to spend with Lucy! They have a home with a fully fenced yard in New York and another vacation home in Florida. Some girls have all the luck!  They had just lost their Frenchie at 13 years old due to cancer in January. They had hadher since she was 12 weeks old and found that the house was too empty without a Frenchie. Their previous Frenchie was also a pied and Lucy reminded them of her.  They decided to apply for her and the rest is history!  They are the perfect match for her, and Lucy is the perfect match for them.  Lucy is very attentive and will fill all their needs with lots of love and cuddling!


Mugsley has found his forever home in New York, NY in June, 2014!

We are proud to announce that Mugsley has been officially adopted by his foster family!

Mugsley can be a bit of a reactive boy when he gets over stimulated and/or if too much excitement is going on around him. His can also be quite stubborn, true to his Frenchie self. His foster family knows him very well and knows just how to handle him to help avoid any incidents. Rather than move him to yet another home, we have elected to keep him with his current family who loves him very very much, and where he is comfortable, very happy, and clearly feels secure. Overall, he is doing very well there and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to separate them from one another!

Congrats to all!


Lexi has found her forever home in Toronto, ON, Canada in June, 2014!

Lexi has finally found her forever home with the perfect family, who also happens to be one of our previous adopters! We love repeat adopters! Her new family has extensive experience with bulldogs, skin issues, wrinkle care, the works! She has joined her new family where there are other fur children to play with, should she get the inkling to get up from her nap and play a bit, and easy going human children, as well. Her new mom has had her eye on Lexi ever since she first came into FBLCR, and we are so happy that they ended up being the perfect match for each other!!

Congrats to Lexi and her new family! We couldn’t be happier for them!


Olive has found her forever home in Greeley, CO in July, 2014!

Olive’s new family has extensive experience with rescuing and rehabilitating several different breeds, including bully breeds!  They are firm leaders and have the structure and stability in their lives and home that Olive needs to thrive and be happy for the remainder of her days! She has joined her new family where there are no other human children, as she has been reported in the past not to prefer the company of small humans. She will also have other balanced dogs in the home to help show her the path and keep her company, though her favorite company will be her new mom and dad!  She has already become the apple of her daddy’s eye and we are overjoyed for her to have finally found the perfect family!

Congrats Olive!! 


Fenway has found her forever home in Mt. Vernon, OH in Oct, 2014!

We are SO excited to announce Fenway’s adoption!!! While we feel all of our adoptions are special, Fenway’s was extra special in the sense that he was adopted by a very experienced adopter who has lots and lots of experience with behavioral issues similar to his and most importantly, no other pets or children in her home. When she reached out to us we knew this would be the absolute best home for him and we knew we could not even dream of finding a better match! Congrats to Fenway and his new family!! Here are a couple pics of him saying goodbye to his foster mom and him saying hello to his new momma!