Zena has found her forever home in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in Dec, 2013! 

Zena has finally found the perfect fit.  Her new family has had a LOT of past experience with many disability divas! They are fully committed and willing to give Zena the level of care that she needs for the rest of her life!  They have the time to commit to her,  other dogs for Zena to play and socialize with and have a lot of room for her to run and play in her cart!  We  couldn’t be happier for our little Zena and her new family!


Cooper found his forever home in Waynesboro, PA in November, 2013! 

Cooper was adopted by his foster family after they decided that they just couldn’t imagine life without him.  Cooper had made himself right at home and he decided he wanted to stay! He and his foster siblings were so bonded and made such a great match a family we just couldn’t bare to break them up! It was decided by all that he will stay right where he is most comfortable! Congrats!


Daphne has found her forever home in Ontario, Canada in March 2013!

Her foster mom fell deeply in love with this sweet girl over the months of recuperative care.  Our little Goddess will never again have to sit in a dark, cluttered room, all alone and squealing in pain. She has had her surgery, a coloplexy to repair her rectal prolapse, and now she is home with her foster mom, and is being well looked after by the resident dogs, including a very nurturing pair of Pugs. She has also amassed a fine collection of toys and a rather impressive wardrobe.  We are waiting to be sure that the surgery is successful, carefully monitoring her health to be sure that she does not prolapse again, and while she waits, Daphne is thoroughly enjoying just being a silly little puppy.

Daphne came with a high price tag, and for small rescue groups like the French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue, we know that it’s never a good time for us to ask our generous donors to dig a little deeper, but truly, without your help, we would simply NOT be able to help dogs like Daphne, and we’d have to turn them away. For a puppy like Daphne, this would have almost surely have been her death sentence. Thanks to all of our supporters, she now has a chance to grow up a happy, healthy French Bulldog. Thanks to Daphne’s foster mom who helped Daphne recover from her injuries, now will never have to ever doubt that she is cared for, she is staying right were she is, with her foster mom, now Forever Mom.

Here’s a note from her foster mom!

Oh My Goodness!!!! First of all thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate your kind words, well wishes and support so much! I am truly touched and humbled. I want you all to know that I thought long and hard about what is best for Daphne over the past few months. When I started this journey with Daphne I had no intention of adding to my family! I have special bonds with each of my furballs. Yes I’m that woman who can go on and on about each one of them. (don’t worry I won’t…..for now) But there is something intense about a bond you develop when you nurse a very sick puppy back to health. I love this little nugget so much but what truly sealed the deal for me was watching the very special bond Daphne and Ollie have! Those 2 do everything together. I can’t be in one part of the house with just one of them. Ollie will literally plow through the baby gate just to be in the same room with Daphne, not to mention let her out of her crate!! Daphne will yell and yell until Ollie is in the same room as her. She loves to play (ok torment) the other pugs and she loves and respects Edgar, but she doesn’t yell for them, only for Ollie, it’s quite funny and heart warming! I truly feel that Daphne is where she is supposed to be and I promise I will keep on sharing her with all of you! Funny this doesn’t feel like a foster ‘failure’ at all!

Karen & Daphne


Luna has found her forever home in Ontario, Canada in 2013! 

Luna has had a short but difficult life. In just over two years, she’s been bounced through five homes that we are aware of. Rescue first began tracking her when she showed up on Kijiji, an online sales site in Canada. From her first ad, Luna re appeared time and time again, her price slowly dropping, but her owners never willing to turn her over to rescue.

Finally, she ended up in a community in far Northern Ontario, with an owner who had been uninformed of Luna’s medical issues, and was unprepared financially to handle them. She contacted us, and we began the process of trying to get Luna to Southern Ontario – a fourteen hour drive along an isolated highway, in the middle of a Canadian winter.

Thanks to the efforts of multiple volunteers, Luna has made it safely south, and she is now happily living in her new home, with a forever family of her own!