Mi Sun, now named Scarlett, found her new home in Westford, MA in December, 2011!

Mi Sun, now known as Scarlett poses for her adoption picture with her new family: (l-r) Gregg holding Meesi, Victoria (10), Caroline (13), Katharine holding Louie (1), their other rescue dog. Missing was Annabelle (20). Two cats round out the immediate family, but they were smart enough not to come out for the picture… Meesie didn’t even wave goodbye when her foster mom left, and that’s the best gift a foster mom can ask for!


Dudley has found his new home in Seminole, Florida October, 2012!

Dudley’s new owners, April and Bill, wanted Dudley enough to fence in their pool, and when that was done, Dudley moved in!  With two owners with flexible hours, Dudley doesn’t have to spend very much time all by himself, and he’s delighted with that.  He loves the attention, and he especially loves the fact that he’s the only pet in the house, so that he gets ALL the attention.  His new owners are not new to the difficulties of keeping a flat nosed dog healthy and happy in Florida weather – their last dogs were bulldogs, and they decided to downsize this time.  Dudley is very happy they did!


Conan has found his new home in Evanston, Illinois in June, 2012!

Our boy Conan has joined his brand new family in Illinois, dad is a professor, mom is a therapist, and the two girls are 10 and 14. Conan is feeling very special with four people all for himself and no other pets he has to share them with!


Norman has found his new home in Astoria, New York in June, 2012!

Norman is now the beloved ONLY pet of a young couple in Queens, but his new family is not allowing him to get  spoiled.  His new dad is a teacher of special needs kids and mom is a copywriter, and they already have a new lesson plan laid out for Norman.  Study hard, Norman, we want you to succeed!


Dante has found his new home in Washington, DC in May, 2012!


Dante has gone to live with his new owner and his adult son in DC! His new dad is a former Army man and feels confident that he can handle his new little recruit. Dante will help to heal his owner’s pain at losing his last Frenchie, T Bone, to epilepsy this past March. It’s a wonderful match!


Buddy, now George, has found his new home in Naperville, IL in April, 2012!

Buddy has been adopted by his foster home, where he gets to play with his new French Bulldog siblings during the day, and sleep on his new dad’s head at night!


Lola has found her new home in Puyallup, WA in March, 2012!

Lola has been adopted by her foster home, to the great delight of her new sister, French Bulldog, Coco. Lola has blossomed from a frightened, angry, clingy little dog into a happy, confident, spoiled little Frenchie diva, and in the course of her rehabilitation, her foster mom fell in love with her. We’re not about to break up this happy union!


Giselle found her new home near Toronto, Canada in March, 2012!

From an unloved, unwanted, neglected little brood bitch to somebody’s very best girlfriend, this is a fairy tale come true to little Giselle!


Jean Claude, now named Logan, found his new home on Staten Island, NY in March, 2012!

Jean Claude has two new pit bull brothers, 14 year old Data and 6 year old Quazzymoto, and two new owners, one of whom is a certified dog trainer. Everyone in residence is thrilled to have JC as a member of the family, and he is thrilled to find his own spot on the bed at night!


Otis found his new home near Toronto, Canada in February, 2012!

From a drafty barn to a loving new home and family , Otis is finally on the road to recovery. Good luck, Otis!