French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible 

non-profit organization!

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome French Bulldogs in need located within the United States and Canada.  Formerly French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue, we have reincorporated in the state of Iowa and are now known as French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue! All of our volunteers are non-paid volunteers from all over North America, from the U.S. and Canada, who have a special interest in seeing that homeless French Bulldogs get at least a chance at finding a home.

We are all, first and foremost, long time lovers of the French Bulldog breed.  We are not alone in our affection for these intelligent and forthright little dogs as we have seen an explosion in popularity in the breed within the last twenty years.  Between 1998 and 2008, the breed grew in numbers by 467%, earning them the dubious distinction of fastest growing breed in popularity in the entire American Kennel Club pantheon.  The pace of their popularity has hardly slackened in the years since. By 2016, the French Bulldog has ranked the 6th most popular breed in the United States, according to the AKC.

Their growing popularity is, unfortunately, accompanied by an increase in the number of French Bulldogs shunted off into rescue. The numbers are so alarming that French Bulldog rescue groups nationwide are finding themselves faced with the horrifying reality of having to turn dogs away for lack of funding, lack of resources, and lack of prospective foster homes.  The first group of Frenchies to be turned away are the French Bulldogs who are deemed to be too “difficult” to place.  For example, dogs that are showing any type of aggression or behavioral issue for being frightened, poorly socialized or distrustful are many times turned away by other rescue groups due to lack on resources and qualified foster homes for these dogs.  That is where French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue comes into play.

While we do our best to welcome and take in any French Bulldog in need, French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue is focused mainly toward helping and taking in those Frenchies who other rescues are not able to take in – those who need more time, socialization, training, and rehabilitation due to behavioral issues.

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Current Board of Directors:

Megan Gates

Kathi Luljak

Kelley Anderson


It is the mission of French Bulldog Second Chance Rescue to focus on fostering and rehabilitating French Bulldogs surrendered to our care due to behavioral or medical issues; to give them the necessary time, socialization, or training with the goal of successfully placing them into loving and trustworthy adoptive homes.  Additionally, FBSCR works to educate the public about the unique qualities and behaviors of French Bulldogs in order to encourage responsible and knowledegable ownership of the breed.